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Tim Goleman

Digital Marketer

I am a digital marketer who loves all things digital. I started my career in a traditional agency and got my feet wet in print, radio and outdoor. In 2008 the digital revolution hit the world of marketing and I taught myself about digital and social. It allowed me to dive deep and experiment in the social space. I bring this love of digital to all my clients. The next chapter of my of my career I'm looking to my entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the space to an agency or brand.

Since 2017 I have been developing my skills and doing video work for social. At Plaid I was the producer and director for videos and live streams. The livestreams I produced/directed have had over 1 Million views. The videos consisted of quick "Tasty" type videos, commercials and how to paint videos.

I have started a YouTube channel dedicated to social media, video and small business. The channel is called Marketing Elements (http://www.youtube.com/mktgelementsblog). The first presentation is social media on a budget and how large and small companies can effectively manage their social media. Also I am working on videos for analytics, new Twitter and Facebook changes. This channel compliments the Marketing Elements Blog/Podcast (http://www.marketingelementsblog.com).

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Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at


Community Manager

Video Editing

Final Cut Pro


Administration & Content Marketing

Social Media Analytics

Reporting & Analysis All major platforms

Social Strategy

Brainstorming & Social Calendar Creation

Video Production

Production & Filming

Work Experience

My previous experince




Element33 was created to help small businesses learn how to use social media and video. The business has evolved from a teach company to a small agency to help small businesses harness the power of online marketing and social media. I have focused on several clients over the last few year focusing on e-commerce clients. Social media I have focused on are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Content Marketing. Facebook experience runs the gamut from creating a presence, developing a voice to performing community management.

Video production and editing - I have been helping small businesses produce and film video content. It focuses on livestreams on facebook and also quick videos. These are done with cell phones and DSLR cameras. Video is growing in engagment and all businesses can take advantage of this growing trend.

July, 2019

Plaid Enterprises

Social Media Specialist/Manager

At Plaid Enterprises I was in charge of content, video content, and influencer marketing. One of my main duties was the content calendar. I kept it up to date for over 10 social media accounts. These accounts included Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Two major campaings I worked on were the "Learn to Paint" and Cosplay. Both of these were launched successfully.

Video content - I was the director and producter for livestreams from late 2017 till June 2019. Using Switcher Studio, we were able to create high quality livestreams on a budget. Live streams included Let's Paint Live, Donna Dewberry Let's Paint. Video projects included the first four Cosplay tutorials, Trend Video series and the second group of "Let's Paint - Skill Builders"

Influncer Marketing - At plaid I was over the "Plaid Creators". Which are a set of 17 bloggers/influencers contracted for the year to create projets/posts. I worked with the design department to create the monthly challenges. Then make sure all projects/posts were completed on time.


Plaid Enterprises

Contract- Social Media Manager

Placed by Creative Circle as a contract social media manager for a three month contract ending late December 2014/early January 2015. Plaid Enterprises is company that produces crafting items from brands Mod Podge, FolkArt, and Apple Barrel. While at Plaid I managed content marketing and social media accounts. Social media focused on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus Pinterest and Instagram. This included a monthly updates on social media analytics. Content marketing includes blog writing, content creation and managing guest post schedule.


Marketing Elements

Editor & Producer

Created the podcast Marketing Elements and Marketing Elements Basics to cover all areas of marketing. In charge of researching material, scheduling guest speakers and coordinating recording schedules for multiple shows at one time. Edit both video and audio podcasts for distribution. Created and maintained a presence on social sites to promote the podcast including Facebook,YouTube and Twitter. Including a YouTube channel devoted to small business and social media



Account Manager - Social Media

Account manager for Social Media. Assist in develop of Social strategy for Verizon Wireless and implement across multiple social networks. Evaluate and improve analytics and best practices for measuring social media deployed across multiple social networks Brief clients on emerging trends, social initiative and tools in the social media space and implications on client’s business.


TMP Worldwide

Account Executive

My position at TMP taught me how to leverage traditional media. This experience gave me the background to integrate traditional and interactive. I primarily worked with print, including newspapers, trade journals and magazines. One of my responsibilities was to develop media plans for campaigns under $5,000. This let me be creative in placement and negotiate to get the best rates for my clients. My experience there was not based in just print, other mediums I worked with were radio and outdoor. Radio consisted of buying in major markets, minor script writing, and approval

Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career


Bachelors of Arts - Marketing

Georgia State University

Received a B.A. in marketing with a specialty in Advertising


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  • Cosplay Videos

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