Project: HueHarmony ColorBurst Social Media Marketing Plan
Company: Portfolio Building
About: The HueHarmony marketing plan serves as a demonstration of my strategic expertise and skills. This comprehensive report has been meticulously crafted by me, featuring fictitious data, competitors, influencers, and products. Drawing upon my extensive experience in the field, I wanted to apply my knowledge and proficiency to the realm of launching a new craft product, an area I am deeply familiar with. It is important to note that this project showcases my skills and does not reflect any specific brand or strategy from my previous professional engagements.

This plan was created with:

  • Layout – Apple Pages
  • Bottle & Lables – Procreate
  • Logos – Canva
  • Social Media Posts – Canva
  • Pictures – Canva
  • Data and names – ChatGPT
  • Spelling & Grammer – Grammarly

Download the Social Media Marketing Plan from OneDrive

Some of the Items Created:

The plan is a PDF document that you can download and review.