Project: Mod Podge 50th Anniversary
Company: Plaid Crafts
About: Mod Podge celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017. Plaid had an all-day live stream with its key influencers, the “Plaid creators” Each creator chose a specific formula of Mod Podge to do a live stream on National Mod Podge Day. Plaid also did a celebration live stream at 2 PM that day
My Role: I managed the “Plaid Creators” projects for the day, as the contract Social Media Manager. I made sure that each of the creators had a different formula and made sure they had access to the Plaid Facebook Page the day of live streams. I also created graphics for the promotion of the day on social. Note, the main schedule graphic was not created by me.

You can see all the Events on the Plaid Facebook page.