Project: HueHarmony Social Media Analytical Reporting
Company: Portfolio Building – HueHarmony is a company I created. 
About: The HueHarmony Social Media Analytical Reporting is a Presentation, Report, and Spreadsheet I created to showcase my analytics and report those findings. For this report, I created the data to report through ChatGPT and Excel’s Random Number Generator. The report and presentation cover December 2023 social media reporting. This report covers campaigns that were run and some upcoming initiatives. It also includes sales data in units sold and the best-selling products in different brands. This is a mash-up of reporting for many companies I have worked with. I also hope to show my ability to present data in different formats that make it appealing without overusing the same types of data visualization. 

This Plan was created with: 

  • Layout – Report – Pages, Presentation – Keynote, Spreadsheet – Excel
  • Logos – Canva
  • Pictures – Canva & Dall-E
  • Data – ChatGPT and Excel Random Number Generator
  • Spelling & Grammer – Grammarly 

Power Point Presentation

Analytics Report

Data for spreadsheets

Social Media Sales Data

HueHarmony Social Media and Posts