Project: Coursera Data Analyst Certification Case Study
Company: Cyclistic Marketing Plan
About: This was the final project for a Google Data Analyst Certification. It’s taken a few months to go through and finish this course. This project is a bike company that rents bikes in Chicago, and they want to find a way to convert casual users to paid memberships. My job is to go through years worth of data that breaks down how each casual or member uses a bike (either regular or electric), how long, and when they ride. It is my job clean, sort, and analyze the data to find ways the marketing department can market to these casual users. I went through the data and came up with three recommendations.

  • Focus on weekend benefits of the service
    • Most of the casual users ride on the weekend.
    • This will be beneficial for tourists and locals sightseeing
  • Point out the benefits of Electric Bikes for longer rides
    • Electric bikes are more popular with casual users
    • The electric bikes will let riders ride longer and farther with less effort.
  • Run a “Summer Subscription” that covers May-Sept
    • Casual Ridership is higher in summer/warmer months
    • This market can appeal to local and visiting riders who only ride on weekends.

Click here to see the data used on my One Drive

Items used to create this project:

  • Data Analysis – Excel and pgAdmin 4 (an SQL Client)
  • Visualizations – Excel and Keynote
  • Photos – Canva
  • Presentation – Keynote & PowerPoint.
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