Project: HueHarmony ColorBurst Influencer Brief
Company: Portfolio Building
About: The HueHarmony Influencer Brief represents a collection of my past influencer collaborations with various companies throughout recent years. In order to execute these projects, I established HueHarmony as a fictional entity. This compilation consists of two key components: a concise presentation designed for influencers to reference quickly and a comprehensive Brief, which includes a contract (generated by ChatGPT for illustrative purposes only and not a genuine contract). Both materials serve distinct purposes that cater to different scenarios. When collaborating with new influencers, they can consult the detailed Brief for specific information while relying on the presentation for a convenient overview. Conversely, for influencers with whom I have established regular partnerships under contractual retainer, I typically share a condensed brief, excluding campaign-specific details, alongside individual project presentations.

Items used to create this project:

  • Layout – Document – Apple Pages, Presentation – Apple Keynote
  • Some text & contract – ChatGPT
  • Photos – Canva
  • Paint Bottles – Procreate